Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shayla - Naming a baby

I just read on the forum on the Rumor Queen site where someone was saying they thought it was "strange" to pick out a baby's name before the baby's picture was seen. The person posting said they couldn't imagine referring to a child with the name they chose months or years before the child was ever seen. They believed in waiting to see what the child looked like. I can understand that some people have to have a face before the name. That's not me. Yes, we've been "technically" logged in since 11/21/05, but we've been waiting for this child to come into our family since 2001. Yes, after 6 LONG years, I absolutely have a name picked out and am not embarassed or feel weird about it at all. I love it. It wasn't the first name I wrote down and it wasn't the last name, but it was a name that I really liked and Mark actually liked. A family member recently asked me if I got it from the well known show Sex and the City...really yeah...well, kinda. It kinda started a long time ago when I was in high school. We had to do a fiction short story about something that was non-fiction in the newspaper. I had read a sad story about 2 teenage girls who were in a tragic accident and one of them was named Shay. I loved that name immediately and used it in my short story (which I still have to this day in my high school box of treasures). Anyway, then a couple of years later I heard it again on a character in a movie (Some Kind of Wonderful, 1987). When we...or I (really) was writing names down to see if they had meaning to me or if I liked them, Brianna was one of them, but couldn't find anything I really liked as a middle name...and Shay was one of the names I wrote down too. Keep in mind, I had about 20 names to begin with, but Mark's family is big and his cousins already had a used a few that I liked, so I wanted something different. Then I remembered the name "Shayla" from Sex and the City and I really liked it...and although Mark didn't watch that show, he liked the name. Then I thought Shayla Brianna doesn't work...but Shayla Brianne does...and we'll more than likely call her Shay most often. Strange or not, it's a name that means something to me.


tonyap said...

I am with you on the name. You don't ahve to see your child before you give them a name. They can be whatever you name them. All me kids had their names before they were here. It is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!!!!

Soap Opera girl said...

Lol! I couldn't believe that you got the name from Sex in the City I think my baby cousin has a beauitful name and if you were giving birth to her you would probably pick out a name a head of time. No matter what everyone loves and hates their name at one time or another. My friend waited to see her baby and syill couldn't come up with a name for her.