Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Under the weather

Bummer...I feel crappy! It just started last night...I couldn't stop coughing. I'm sure it's allergies, but this is just not a good weekend to feel bad.

For anyone out of town who may read this, the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, and the week is a nice, short one for me. Thursday is the Pegasus Parade right outside of my workplace and we close early because they shut down all of the streets. Then Friday is the Kentucky Oaks.

If you're not a betting person (AND maybe a seriously rich alcoholic), you could've mortgaged your house to get a few of these ! Not your standard mint julep -

Owners of the Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep cup will have the opportunity to have their cups filled with lush mint from the coast of Ireland, organic sugar from Queensland, Australia, ice from the Bavarian Alps and a special selection of Woodford Reserve available nowhere else but Churchill Downs on Kentucky Derby Day. New England Sterling, the official trophy maker of the Kentucky Derby, created 132 gold-plated cups for sale, along with an exclusive sterling silver sipping straw. The cup for Barbaro sold for $22,222!!!!!

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Soap Opera girl said...

Gotta love Derby I still sick a little but not congatigious anymore sorry for the bad spelling.