Friday, May 04, 2007

Yangxi SWI (orphanage video)

(Update) This is just a video I found one day that I thought I should post for anyone looking for this SWI. This is not the SWI our daughter came from.

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C Hubbard said...

Thank you for posting the video. My daughter came from Yangxi SWI also. I adopted her on Mar. 27, 2005. I visited the orphanage on Mar. 26, 2005, but did not get to see inside.

C Hubbard said...

My website was listed incorrectly in my previous comment. Please click on my name to go to my website. How old are the oldest children in Yangxi SWI?

Shayla's Mom said...

Hi Cyndy,

I checked out your blog. Joy is beautiful!

I'm not familiar with this SWI. This one had been mentioned on APC (A Parent's China Yahoo group), so I found this video and put it on my blog in case anyone ever Googled it, then they could see the video on my blog.

I'm a bit of a geek and a research hound, I also like to search YouTube and DropShots for videos of SWIs...basically in the off chance that whenever we do get our referral, that just maybe our child would have come from one of the ones I have posted on my blog.

I've had (according to my sitemeter) many people searching for this video, so I'm glad I found it and posted it.

LID 11/21/05 (referral in hopefully the next 2 months!)

Gerard said...

We adopted our beautiful daughter from Yangxi SWI on may 14 2006. When we were in China to apply the passport for her, we were shocked to find out she had an old passport. We figured out later on, some one adopted her for several days applied a passport for her and refused to take her home.
Kaylee is now 4 1/2 year old, she is just so cute and she gave us so much joy. Gerard