Saturday, January 13, 2007

When referral? My WAG (Wild Assed Guess)

I got this chart from the Rumor Queen website (link on the right side). I was trying to remember how many days of LIDs (log in dates) had been done in the last 4 months to get an average. I was going to go back and look at all the dates each month, but bless her heart, she had already done that, so I copied this chart from her site.

I'm gonna attempt to explain how the process generally here it goes. The column on the left marked "Referral Date" is the date the CCAA sent referrals (photos of the babies) out to the new adoptive parents they've been matched with. The last time they sent out referrals was 1/3/07. They usually send them out approximately every 30-35 days (the column marked "Days between referrals" tells how many days it took for that month...this time it took 34 days). Each adoptive parent is assigned an LID (or log in date) which is only assigned after you complete your dossier and it's sent to the CCAA in China to log into their computer database. Our LID is 11/21/05. The last set of referrals the CCAA sent out on 1/3/07 was to those parents with LIDs up to 9/27/05 (column marked "LID cut off "). If you count the days from 9/28/05 (the next LID to refer) to 11/21/05 (our LID)...that's 55 days. If you look at the column that says "Days of LIDs", this means the total number of log in days the CCAA referred that month. This last time, they referred 19 days worth of LIDs...from 9/9/05 to 9/27/05 (including 9/27) that is 19 days. That is the most number of days they have referred in over a year!I was trying to determine, based on how they've been doing the referrals lately, when we would be getting our referral. If the CCAA refers at least 14 days worth of LIDs each month, then that means we'll get our referral in 4 months (May). If they refer at least 13 days of LIDs, then that means we'll get our referral in 5 months (June). I don't think they would stick to doing a large number of LIDs, so I'm gonna cross my fingers that the CCAA does AT LEAST 14 days consistantly each month over the next 4 months!!!

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I have my fingers crossed for you! :)