Friday, January 12, 2007

Shayla's clothes

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take some pictures of a few of my favorite outfits that have been bought for Shayla. Cute clothes courtesy of myself, her grandma and meemaw. Hello Kitty purse from aunt Karen...matches this outfit from Grandma perfectly!

Mark already has it planned for her to wear her UK outfit while they watch basketball together!

I LOVE this sweet pink sweater! I can just picture her wearing it! Makes me want to go shopping now (and it's 11:58 pm)! Yikes!

I got these from the Children's Orchard. Thought they were too cute!

Sweet outfit on the left was a Christmas present this year from her Meemaw. The snuggleable one on the right is perfect for cool nights and sweet baby snuggles!


Soap Opera girl said...

She is already got a better clothes then me. LOL! They are all so cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute....she'll be adorable!