Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Logged in for over 14 months...NOW we find there's a problem!

Our agency called yesterday to tell us there was a date discrepancy on our I-171H. It was the Matching Dept Manager. I told her there had been a problem, but it was caught by their critical review dept and it was taken care of BEFORE our dossier went to the CCAA. I still had the e-mail where I had faxed the amended I-171H to them on 11/2/05 and the lady then told me we were good to go...that our dossier would be mailed within the next week and to watch for that e-mail. Our dossier was sent to China 11/8/05 (our DTC date is 11/8/05)...so she had 6 days to include the correct I-171H in with our dossier. HOWEVER, she didn't do it! The manager told me that since back then, the CCAA wasn't pulling dossiers and pushing the dates back on them, that the lady left the wrong one in the dossier and allowed it to go to China that way...thinking if they caught it and needed more info, that she could simply fax it to them. Well, now the CCAA has freaking pulled our dossier!!!! All our agency can tell us is that it could now delay our referral 2 - 3 months (but she can't be sure)! She said they never even know there's a problem sometimes until the family just doesn't get a referral with the rest of the group. I'm so sad and upset that that laziness has probably cost us even more months of waiting! I did all I could to make sure I did what I was supposed to do, but they didn't. They are an extremely reputable agency, but this is totally irresponsible. We cleared the review room at the CCAA too! Since it was the matching dept manager at my agency that called, I think maybe I was close to being matched. Knowing that is the hardest.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I wish there was something I could do. Knowing how close you were does make this harder for you to deal with. Keep believing that Shayla is coming home. I love you my sister.

Soap Opera girl said...

That really sucks I will hope and pray this gets straighten out.