Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update to yesterday's bad news

I called one of the owners of our agency. She knew exactly who we were and what was going on with us. I was surprised, as she seemed to have our file on her desk when I called. She also had more to the story. As it ends up, our dossier was pulled last June because there was a concern over that incorrect I-171H. We never knew it because our agency had the correct one there in our file and simply faxed it to the CCAA. She said her argument with the CCAA is that it is the USCIS's (immigration) fault because they are the ones who had the incorrect info on the form to begin with. She said that since the CCAA had never pulled dossiers in the past (out of all of those years and made the referrals come late on them), that our agency had not done anything wrong...that if USCIS had gotten it correct, then we (the family) wouldn't have to suffer the longer wait. She said the way they found it is because of a September family that didn't get their referral last month (their dossier had been questioned before ours). She said the CCAA won't tell them who IS getting a referral, but did tell them who isn't. When they found out that the September family didn't get theirs because their dossier was pulled, they went back to their files to see who elses had been pulled and found us. She said they are keeping a close watch on the situation and she felt that if the CCAA wouldn't cooperate, that the worst case scenario is that we would get our referral one month late...although, she is hopeful they can put us back with our group since there is still plenty of time. She said the Beijing representative is on top of it too. She said that at this point no news is good news and they will let us know what they find out, but they probably won't know anything until after the next set of referrals come out next week. I felt so much better after talking to her. She was very sympathetic.


tonyap said...

It is good to know that she was on top of it and was understanding. The thing that I really do not agree with is that they should have told you from the jump back last June whether they fixed it or not.

Soap Opera girl said...

Hopefully it will be fixed and not slow anything down.