Monday, April 20, 2009

My bathroom - to pee, or not to pee

Well, we had another exciting weekend a few weeks after the loft floor replacement. We had some discoloration around the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. I've seen it and tried many times to clean it (straight ammonia, bleach, etc), but have had no luck. I knew some types of glue could bleed through certain floors and thought maybe that's what it was. I couldn't figure out what else it could be...until I talked to a friend and she told me about her toilet leaking, mold growing and her floor having to be replaced. Ta da! That's what it was! I finally realized after all this time! Of course, I realized a little too late. Mark's good, simple plan...fix the toilet, put a new wax ring on and put down new flooring...all before I got home from work. However, the way the "simple" plan went down was a bit different. He attempted to pull up the old toilet, however he had to hacksaw the screws since they were corroded (that started the downhill spiral). He pulled up the floor to only discover the floor needed to be completely replaced. He called our family friend (has his own renovation business) and knows how to fix these problems. Once Mark did a few things he was instructed to by our friend (his hand going completely through some of the wood around the toilet), it was determined that we were pretty lucky that we hadn't fallen through! The wood sub floor was replaced the next day by our friend, Mark installed the new flooring and I decided it was time for a change, so I painted the bathroom, got some new fixtures and went with a totally different color. Here are some pictures from those couple of days...also the before and after.


Carolin said...

oh man, what a mess! But the end result looks fabulous!

Natalie said...

At least you have a beautiful new bathroom! Also good thing you were so persistent!