Friday, January 09, 2009

Seriously Random Thoughts

Did you think I went missing? I've been here, just haven't had time for the computer or reading many blogs. Thankfully, it's the weekend again and I can get caught up some.

2009 - Out with the old, in with the new -

1. Yes, I'm reading Twilight...just as everyone else has finished it. I started on it back in December, but don't read at home (there's no way Miss Shayla would let me), so I've been reading on my lunch hour at work whenever I think about it. It's really good. Maybe I can "try" to get it finished this weekend. I'm actually a very fast reader, so it's just annoying to me that I'm still not done with it.

2. My mom is having some artery issues again. Last year she had angioplasty and a bovine artery replacement. She doesn't really have any symptoms right now and she looks pretty damn good, but some of her new tests indicate some more blockages. We'll see, after they do some further testing, what can be done.

3. I got a promotion at work! I found out New Year's Eve and I "officially" start it Monday. It came as a surprise...a nice, pleasant surprise. With this economy, I'm thankful to even have a, I'm extremely thankful that I work for a really good company, work with really good people and have a job that I've wanted for many months now. It's different from what I've been used to for the last 10+ years and feel it's much more challenging, so I'm excited to start.

4. Shayla has just started calling things "poo poo". She's called some of her toys that and I think she may have even called her Daddy that. I wanna laugh...and have to admit, I sometimes do, but I hope this is the WORST of the things she'll learn at daycare.

5. I need to diet. I need to eat smaller portions, eat healthier and drink a ton of water...however, I have no will power. Maybe I can get my head in the right place soon to do the right thing.

6. I think this is somewhat related to #5, but I've been thinking about death a lot. I think everyone thinks about it sometimes, but I've been thinking about it a lot. I don't talk about because I don't want a lecture from anyone, but I think the fact that I'm getting older and looking older, has me thinking more about it. Not to mention that my co-worker's husband was killed 2 days before Christmas in a car accident...then the day after Christmas, my aunt's best friend died suddenly of, I think, an aneurism while she was out doing a little shopping.

7. I didn't make a New Year's resolution. I had thought that "losing weight" would simply just default to it again this year, as it does every year, but I technically didn't make one. I wish I had. Is it too late now??? It feels too late to say it and mean it.

8. I decided to not highlight my hair this winter. I like it blonder in the summer, but think I'm way too pale to do it this winter. I did do it for week and changed my mind, then changed it back to just brown. I like to change my hair color often. It sometimes seems that's really the only control I have over my appearance, so I like to mix it up sometimes.

9. I have a serious desire to go shopping for myself right now. I love shopping for Mark or for Shayla, but I usually HATE shopping for myself and rarely ever go. I really NEED some winter clothes, underclothes, socks, new jacket/coat and shoes. I dread trying on clothes. I wish I could just find something and buy it without having to try everything on...but then I HATE taking things back to a store or exchanging things. I love getting gift certificates as gifts because I can go shopping when these kinds of moods hit (which is really rare). I have to be in this kind of mood before I will use it...I still have a gift certificate from last year's birthday (7 months ago).

10. I love wearing black. I wish I could wear black at least 3 or 4 days a week, without looking like a freak. Sometimes I couldn't care less what people think, other times, I feel totally insecure. Normal?? I'm guessing probably so.

11. I wish I was a really good photographer. I look at Pioneer Woman's photography and Pastor Ryan's and wish so much I could take pictures like theirs. It's not that I want to make a living as a photographer, but I just wish I was really good at it. I "think" I may have improved since getting my Nikon last June, but I'm not where I want to be with it yet. It's weird, but I have an overwhelming need to be good at this. I have no other talents or hobbies...maybe that's why I need this so much.

12. I have a new crab recipe I want to try this weekend. I love trying new recipes, but they're mainly always just for me. Mark is an extremely picky eater, so I fix many of the same things for dinner over and over. Anyway, I love crab, shrimp, clams, scallops and lobster. At a restaurant, I love fresh seafood items, but from the store, I prefer flake-style imitation crab. It has a sweetness to it that I like. Here recently, whenever I have crab, I've been getting sick. I may have developed some sort of allergy or something to it, but I can't quit eating it. I will still fix crab dishes. It's like a crack addiction! Crab is my crack!

13. I HATE Italian sausage, black beans and corn salsa. I also hate the gummy mush of flour tortillas shells in enchilada recipes (should be corn tortillas). I think eating chicken and beans together is weird. They don't seem right together. It's like eating spaghetti and milk together. I just can't do it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

I think you're so wonderful person.
If you were not Eric's aunt, I probably ask you to be my friend.

I love you and thanks for the baby stuffs.

Miss et Clod said...

Hi! Just discovered your blog! I saw the SWI video, and I was curious of the date it was taken? We were at Yangxi SWI, taking tons of photos and video on 2007 September 11th. You say on your video that you have pictures of those little girls, our could then be there. Please, contact me at:, I will send you an invitation to see all my photos and videos on flickr!

I could not find your email adress on your blog...