Monday, December 29, 2008

MANY Christmas pics!

We had a great Christmas! Sorry to post so many photos, but I do it for the family members who really just can't seem to see enough photos of our baby girl and some who don't get to see her often enough. There would have been even more photos, but before we went to Grandma Wanda's house, Miss Shayla fell asleep in the car. She got even more presents there...I was just all photoed out by then!

After playing Jenna's drums and playing on Adam's (Jenna's big brother) BIG drums, Miss Shayla decided that, she too, must HAVE drums. Luckily Santa found this lovely set and made her day! Her Daddy & I think she's a gifted drummer!

Opening presents with Daddy.

I had this little book made for her by My Custom Story. She liked it.
By the way, the iCarly electronic drums...not cool...not much sound. Yes, I know it seems weird of me to say that when many parents are always looking for peace and quiet. In our house, we love to hear Shayla sing, or dance...or play the drums!

Beautiful baby girl (at Aunt Karen's house)...ready to open more presents!

Rare photos of me and my baby girl.

She got her own make-up too.

Shayla kissing Granny with her new made up lips.

She dug her Dance Cam, as you can see by her face. For all moms with kids about 2 years or GOTTA get this. She loves it!

Thanks Granny for the Dance Cam...see below for how it works. Shay checking herself out!

Hanging out with Aunt Karen and chillin' with some Puffs (which are the nastiest tasting things I may have ever had).

Hanging out with Uncle Todd and helping him with his presents.

We had some fun visiors for Christmas too! Kay (my nephew's wife) brought along her brother, sister-in-law and baby nephew recently back from Korea. What fun we all had!

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Tracy said...

Awwww - your sweet girl looks gorgeous in her Christmas dress! Charlotte would love that drum set - way cool.