Friday, October 03, 2008

Sanlu milk formula & my baby girl

We received this yesterday from our agency. It scares me for Shayla and I'm calling her pediatrician today.

Dear Mark & Lisa,

CCAI has been following the reports from the Chinese Ministry of Health about the quality of infant formula and its contamination with melamine in Sanlu brand formula, as well as a number of other brands. We have been extremely concerned about the possibility of physical harm to our children from the contaminated formula and have quickly taken actions in light of the situation.

Initially, we understood that the tainted milk was supplied to the manufacturer between January and August 2008. We immediately instructed our representatives in China to contact the local orphanages and confirm which brand of formula they have been using. We personally notified all affected families who adopted this year upon receiving confirmation that their child may have been fed Sanlu (or any other brand with potential contamination) formula while in the orphanage. As a precautionary measure, we also e-mailed all families who adopted in 2008 to alert them to the situation and suggest that they consult their pediatricians to determine if their children should be tested for any potential health issues. Finally, we have modified our procedures to ensure that all families adopting in future months will have verifiable information about what formula their child has been fed.

Now, ongoing reports suspect that formula contamination may have occurred as far back as 2006. As a conservative agency, in light of this possibility, we recommend that our CCAI families who adopted children under the age of 18 months in the years of 2006 and 2007 discuss this matter with your pediatrician to determine if your child should be tested.

Sarah Paladino & Barb Kiryluk
CCAI Post-adoption

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