Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Poodle...not PINK LAMB

We went to the zoo for the halloween party and trick-or-treating this past weekend. We weren't sure if Shayla would wear her costume or not, as she refused to try it on a couple weeks ago when we got it. This was actually her second costume...the first one was a green fairy dress, but it was way too cold for that, so we went with the pink poodle. We kinda convinced her to put her "jacket and hat" on so she wouldn't be cold. I know, I know, but does that trickery make us bad parents??? Anyway, she finally saw her reflection in the window and knew what was going on. Here in this next picture, I believed she was "humilated"...but that soon passed! Shayla loved the attention she got and loved the costume. She didn't want to take if off later that night! She was called a pink lamb by one goofy lady there...that made Mark and I turn and look behind us for the cute lamb...then we realized she meant "our pink poodle".


Chrissie said...

I love the costume. Its absolutely adorbable.

CindyCinlou said...

She is just so darn cute that costume is too cute! One of the kids on the soap opera had a costume just like it.