Wednesday, June 04, 2008

CCAI Letter...My thanks

Below is a long overdue letter I wrote to CCAI. They are a wonderful adoption agency that I would recommend to anyone!

Dear Joshua, Lily and the CCAI "family",

For many years, the heartache of not being physically able to conceive a child was much to bear, but we learned about your agency in 2004 through a local adoption seminar and it truly changed our lives.

In the beginning, we chose CCAI because we wanted an agency that was the most familiar with Chinese adoptions…then we later bragged and boasted about CCAI to all of our fellow adopters because CCAI really walked us through the entire adoption process. We’ve heard many other adopters speak about their agencies and they truly pale in comparison. We will always speak highly of CCAI and the wonderful people who work there.

We just wanted to take the time to express our utmost gratitude for all of your assistance with the adoption process for our beautiful daughter. In September 2007, we traveled to Nanning in the Guanxgi Province and were amazed not only at the beauty of China and its people, but also at the care and concern shown by our guide Michael. He was amazing in every sense of the word. We’ve never met a more caring individual. He truly cared for all the babies in the group and went above and beyond to make sure we understood the bonding process, even helping Lisa when our little Lin Ji Zhen didn’t attach as quickly as we had hoped. Michael was right when he said it takes a few days for our little ones to adjust. By the time we went to Guangzhou, our baby had adjusted well.
We were matched with the most wonderful baby. She has been a blessing. She’s not only a beautiful child on the outside, but she has a beautiful heart on the inside. Shayla Brianne Jizhen has adjusted quite well to her new life in America and makes us laugh daily with her new dances, "tricks" and childish antics. We are so in love with this child, this child that was meant for us! Our lives have never been better and we’ve finally become the family we prayed to be for so many years.

Thank you Joshua, Lily and the whole CCAI family for helping bring our daughter home.

The Reynolds Family
Mark, Lisa & Shayla Reynolds

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kris said...

That is so awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE CCAI and am so glad I'm with them!