Monday, February 25, 2008

We went to an FCC sponsored Chinese New Year celebration last weekend. When we were in China, Mark and I bought one Chinese outfit for Shayla and I didn't even think about getting a whole bunch of them in different sizes. Anyway, I had thought she would be able to wear it, since she's only gained 4 lbs since we've been home, but they looked like shorts on her! I put this cute dress on her. She's so tall now. She's still primarily in 12 month clothes, but I'm buying more and more 18 month because she's so long. As of February 4th, she weighs a whopping 22 lbs and is amazingly 32 1/2 inches tall! Her doctor said she was tall and skinny.

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Soap Opera girl said...

wow tall and skinny is right and beautiful. I love that dress it looks great on her.