Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shayla update

Well, we've been home from China for just over 5 months now. It's weird to think that I was in China just 5 months ago. It seems surreal. I look at Shayla and I feel like she's been here forever, but then there are moments when it feels strange to think that there are 3 of us now. I know it doesn't make sense, but those are my thoughts just the same. Shayla has been a blessing. She's so smart and a really good and happy baby. I swear I don't know how we got so lucky. To share a few things about her that many people don't know, she loves Spongebob Squarepants...and says his name all the time, she loves to dance and can even cabbage patch a little (thanks to her ever-so-talented mom), she says many, many words...too many to even name here, she flirts by "winking"...which is when she blinks both eyes at the same time (it's too cute), she HATES to get dressed for "school" (day care) in the mornings...she would love to just go in her PJ's, but that's not allowed. She loves MY green beans (I put some garlic in them) and can eat almost a whole small can of peas. She chews on a pacifier sometimes to help with her teething...however, she's a serious thumb sucker. She can count to 3 and loves to yell out "THREE". She is still in bed with us...every time I think we're moving her, she gets a cold or something that makes me want to be near her when she's sleeping. When she's sleepy at night and doesn't want to go to sleep, she kisses me and her dad over and over again and then jabbers NON-STOP until she finally just falls asleep. She's a serious fan of commercials! She loves the songs on the Toyota Sequoia commercial and the new Mac Notebook commercial. On the cell phone commercial (I forget which company)...the one with only 1 car in a parade (she waves to the people on the TV...oh, and she calls it "TZ") and she loves the ATT commercial with the dad taking pictures of his daughter's stuffed monkey everywhere while he's out of town on business. She will freakishly wake-up, even during naps, to watch those commercials! She claps after the performances on American Idol and claps for herself she throws something away in the garbage. She already has definite opinions on picking out clothes to buy and will shake her head "no" if she doesn't like something you're showing her. She can say "eat/hungry" in sign language and tell me when she's "finished" in sign language. I just wanted to share with everyone a little about the baby that I love so much...there's really so much more too, just too much to write. She's remarkable in every way. I'm just so thankful for her.


Soap Opera girl said...

lol how it is crazy how smart she is. I wish I saw her more. Miss you guys!!! :)

tonyap said...

I knew her and Darrel would get along. Darrel builds Toyotas at work and she loves the commercials. He will be happy to hear that. She sure is a beautiful little girl and we are so lucky to have her a part of out family. Oh guess what, Talia has been out of school all week with the flu..after two strep test, two flu test and blood work they finally found out yesterday that she had the know the one that was not covered under her flu shot she got.....go figure.