Friday, November 02, 2007

Baby's first Halloween/Birthday

Shayla turned 1 year old on Halloween. I didn't take the time to post because we were way too busy at the toy store! We're celebrating her birthday this Saturday and I'll post pics then. By the way, she was Eyore on Halloween.

Today, the poor baby is sick. A few weeks ago we had to have bloodwork and titers done (to see if her China vaccinations were good here). All was okay, except her polio shot. Yesterday she had her polio, prevnar and flu shots. This morning she woke up throwing up. I'm sure it's the flu shot causing it. The poor baby is sleeping now and was able to keep some food down.

She now officially weighs 20.13 lbs and is 30.25 inches tall. To give new adoptive parents an idea, all of her clothes are size 12 months (just as they were in China when she weighed 18 lbs) and her pants are usually a little long. Her pajamas, depending on how they are made, are 12 months and some are 18 months. Any one-piece pajamas really need to be 18 months for her because her torso is apparently a little long. Her pediatrician is very pleased with her progress and told us to keep doing what we've been doing. Shayla gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks.


Soap Opera girl said...

AWWWWW I hope she is feeling better. We were thinking of her. I bet she looked cute.

RoLo said...

Happy Belated Bday, hope she is better