Friday, October 26, 2007

Shayla meets her great grandmother

This is my grandmother and one who is and always has been a huge supporter of ours. She's sick...a few mini strokes and congestive heart failure, but through all of that she was always waiting for "her baby" to come home from China. Well, about a week after we got back from China, we took Shayla to meet her grandma and all went well. Grandma still tells her visiting nurses about "her baby" and shows pictures to all of them!


tonyap said...

OMG!!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! they make me want to cry. I was so happy to see shayla when she got home. It was a long wait for our sweetie but the think that I prayed for the most was that Grandma would be able to see Ms Shayla in person. Grandma talks about her baby shayla and talia all the time. They are her girls and she thanks God that he has been able to see. We got to get the girls together and take them to see Grandma so she can have "her girls" together. I think she would love that. Thanks for sharing these pics. They are priceless!!!!!

kris said...

How sweet is that?!!

The Tracy's said...

That is priceless! What a great grandma you have!

LID 10/11/06

Soap Opera girl said...

They looks so cute together. Kids make people stronger and I can tell Shayla has done that for your grandmother. Shayla is so lucky to have pictures of her with her great grandmother.

Abby's Mom said...

Very sweet :)

Anonymous said...

What awesome pictures! Wow! The one where they are going to touch hands....speechless!

Thank you for sharing!

Amanda :D