Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pizza Hut in Nanning

While we were in China, we went to dinner at a Pizza Hut. It was a very nice, two-story Pizza Hut which had a really nice also happened to have a squatty potty in the bathroom. When I went in there to change Shayla's diaper, I thought it was a little odd considering the Pizza Hut was so nicely decorated on the inside...I just wrongly assumed the bathroom would be western style too. They even had a girl who stood at the door and opened it for patrons coming in and going out. Nice touch. We had the "American Special" which was pepperoni and cheese. It was exactly the same as here in the States, but with less grease.

We also had lunch at a KFC in Nanning. I ordered what I thought was just a breaded chicken sandwich. When I bit into it, it happened to be like a pressed chicken type sandwich with corn, peas and carrots in it. It honestly was not bad. They also had regular french fries like McDonald's style (at home in Kentucky they only have those steak fries).

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Soap Opera girl said...

Sounds like China can do American food as well as a America.