Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shamain Island

One morning after breakfast, we walked around a local park on Shamain Island in Guangzhou. It was so nice. It's bizarre to see so many people out at that time just enjoying the day and having a nice time together. Some people were doing tai chi, other were kicking a hacky sack while some danced and sang together. I wish home was more like this part of China. People were just enjoying life and it was so nice to see. Even late at night, Mark and I walked around the Island and there were people out exercising, walking and even playing on the children's playgrounds. There was never any scary moments walking around in the dark in a strange location...everyone kept about their business and I have never felt more safe. A friend (Amanda) told me that I would love Guangzhou, and besides all the sales people trying to get you to buy their stuff, she was right.

I was never homesick in China...I longed for the comforts of home, but never was homesick.


Soap Opera girl said...

Wow looks like everyone was having a good time!!!

RoLo said...

We definately need to stop and "smell the roses" dont we