Saturday, September 08, 2007

Update From Lisa (Get off the computer Mark!!!)

Anyway, we're not staying on Hong Kong Island, which is what Mom and I saw on Anthony Bourdain's TV show, this part is slower paced. Kowloon is another is busy and packed with people. The smells here are really bad. I can't decribe it. The water that we shower with smells the same way, so I guess I'm getting used to it. We toured today and went to Victoria Peak. Mark got his picture taken in a rickshaw...just a pose really, he didn't go for a ride on it. The little old guy was really pushy and we're still learning the way things work here, so we were "suckered" out of 20.00 Hong Kong Dollars, which is less than $3.00 US dollars, so it was worth it for the picture. We had a good time and toured A LOT of Hong Kong. We were also taken for a dim sum was okay...Mark even tried some. All of this touring and lunch was provided for by CCAI (which was part of our in-China costs), so we weren't out any additional money really. We did tour a jewelry making factory, it was neat. We were only allowed to take pictures of them making the jewelry, not of the showroom. We did buy a jade heart pendant for Shayla for when she's older. It's really pretty and only costs $106.00 US dollars.

Everyone here lives in apartments...rarely ever an actual house because there's no room here. Hong Kong is over-populated, so the apartment buildings are all mid-rise (50 stories) and high-rise (70 stories). It costs more to live on the higher floors, but all of the apartments are all made identical. Also they are only about 400 square feet...which is pretty small for a whole family. They do laundry daily and hang their clothes out on a metal rack from there apartment matter how high up it is. Also it's not encouraged to have cars here, the tax and parking costs are outrageous! It costs about $7.00 US dollars for a gallon of gas and about $800.00 for monthly parking, so the wealthy (and businesses) really only have cars here. There are a lot of Mercedes and BMW's around, but not too many average cars.

There is a lot of humidity in Hong Kong and Japan just had a typhoon, so my hair is totally fizzy. Also I'm not wearing any make-up today at all, it's too much trouble to try to wash it off. Since we can't drink the water, we're using bottled for many things, but just too much trouble and easier without I'm quite the sight!

We leave for Nanning in the morning. Some people who are going straight to Guangzhou will ger their babies tomorrow, but I'm guessing our Gotcha Day will still be Monday.

Karen - Thank you so much for taking care of my animals, it's a great load off.

I love you guys and miss you already. See you soon.


tonyap said...

I am so glad things are going well. Hang in there. All the weird and smelly things will be worth in in a couple of days when you get Ms Shayla. Luv Ya guys. Take care.

Karen said...

Yuck on the smell stuff! Glad you are back on the computer, stay off Mark! Write and do pictures as often as you can. We are all crazy for updates. Lola, Daisy, and Max are fine. We love you.

Kyung Min said...

Glad to read your update.
I can't wait to see you guys and shayla picture together.
Be careful and miss you guys!

grandma c said...

glad you gave an update with some real news, Mark is not an update kind of guy. yeh, it's almost time to get her. do you know what time that will be. love and miss you very much

Soap Opera girl said...

Lovely a smell and it is in the water your showering in. I missed your updates though Mark's were pretty witty lol. I bet you are getting so excited. How's the time difference been on you both I hope not too bad. :) Take care!!!