Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Families with Children from China

Last night we went to the local FCC dinner. If there is anyone in Louisville who is reading this (and adopting from China), I highly recommend checking it out. Here is the FCC Louisville website . At first (late last year) Mark and I were not sure about going because we had such a long wait, we (or I really) kept saying we should wait until we get our referral, but I was wrong. FCC has monthly dinners where you can meet others who are adopting or who have adopted. There is a wealth of knowledge and a kinship there. It's a place where you know others have felt exactly the same way you have and it's easy to strike up a conversation...and ask all kinds of questions no matter how silly you may think they are! We've been to every FCC dinner this year and really enjoy it. When we were waiting for our referral, we always left after the dinner, feeling very positive about the matter how long it was. Many nice people that I'm glad to say I can associate with!

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