Sunday, August 12, 2007

China Map

We got so much accomplished today! We bought the luggage we needed for our trip. We also bought the gifts that we are supposed to give to certain people when we go to China. China is big on gift giving, so it's important that we follow that custom as well. Our agency has a list of items to choose from when deciding what to purchase. You have to be careful and choose from the list (basically so it doesn't appear to be a "bribe"). We picked up some official UK hats, some UK t-shirts and I thought that it was very important to do something nice for the foster mother, so we bought a few Lancome makeup items. It's funny, I've neven even bought myself makeup that nice. I'm grateful that Shayla is in foster care and I want to show them that.

Also I thought I'd post the map of China to give people an idea of where Shayla is from. Yulin, the city she's from, is not on the map (hard to find on most maps, assuming because it's so small). It looks like we will probably fly into Hong Kong, then to Nanning (I learned that Nanning is about 3 hrs from Yulin). We should get our daugher in Nanning, then fly to Guangzhou to finish the adoption process, then possibly fly back to Hong Kong, then head home. We don't have our itinerary yet, I've just looked at other blogs of people who have traveled to the same area to see what they did.


Kim said...

I am so excited for you :)

Soap Opera girl said...

Wow that is an awesome map. The gift idea is cool.