Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Latest rumor

Well, the latest rumor on the Rumor Queen site is that we will get our referral in either August or September. I hate rumors, but have no choice but to read them and hope for the best...yes, it's totally a mental thing! I really hope for a referral in August. The funny thing is, we went to the monthly FCC (Families with Children from China) dinner last night and there was one lady there (that I think I may have met before), but she didn't know how far they had gotten with the referrals in June, but she still kept insisting that we would have a photo by the time we had our next FCC dinner next month. I didn't want to tell her that I thought she may be a little off on her prediction or I didn't think that would happen, but at least I can accept that a referral in July would not be possible. Anyway, here's the latest from the Rumor Queen.


Cristina said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for visiting my blog! I REALLY hope that you get your good news in August. Our LID is the 22nd November, and I am pretty much accepting of the fact that we won't hear until at least September (sigh....) I seem to have been three months away from referral for about a year now LOL.
Looking forward to seeing pictures of Shayla when she finally arrives,

Soap Opera girl said...

I am hoping for the best Shayla has a great family waiting for her.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

I'm hoping for August for ya that is if July is not possible :)