Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love Mark because...

1. he is a kind person
2. he is a very sweet guy...like a teddy bear
3. he makes me laugh all the time
4. he loves our pets & thinks of them as family
5. he has a good heart
6. he can sing and write songs
7. he secretly loves that I'm tone deaf and laughs "with me" when I sing
8. he writes really good horror short stories
9. he has 3 different laughs and I know each and every one
10. he laughs at my jokes...most of the time
11. he is silly
12. he is a good husband
13. he is a hard worker
14. he loves his family
15. he loves my family
16. he gets along with everyone and has life long friends
17. he's quite handsome and I've thought that all of the 18 years I've known him
18. he is my best friend
19. he respects me
20. he's loving & caring
21. he calls me every morning to make sure I got to work okay
22. he knows me like no one does
23. he wants to be a good father
24. he doesn't smoke (never even tried it)
25. he doesn't drink (he was fun on the party scene years ago though)
26. he doesn't do drugs (never tried that either)
27. he can't dance...well to him that is debateable, but I know the truth
28. he can play the guitar and keyboard
29. he has a nice voice
30. he'll surprise me and clean the house sometimes
31. he's loyal to his sports teams...no matter what
32. he's tried so many times to explain football, although I'm still confused
33. he doesn't make fun of me
34. he doesn't make fun of my love for reality TV
35. he loves my cooking
36. he has a jelly bean booty
37. he's smart
38. we have so much in common, but have some differences that make us "us"
39. he has such nice blue eyes
40. he knows all about computers
41. he is a geek (not a nerd...there is a difference)
42. he can be very passionate about things that mean a lot to him
43. he doesn't yell
44. he thinks his "Name is Earl"...although I said "My Name is Earl" (hee hee)
45. changes the litter boxes & takes out the garbage
46. he would do anything to help a friend in need
47. he takes care of me
48. he loves me
49. he is Mark
50. he is the best person I've ever known

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Soap Opera girl said...

AWWWWWW How sweet!