Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some of the family...South Park version

Okay, so I got a little bored last night and decided to create some of my family in South Park form...the way I see them. This is how I saw Mark, me and Shayla. Mark put them all together as a family for me after I created them.

Next is my Mom. She loves Boyd's bears!

Then is my beautiful sister Karen. Quite charming and funny...when you don't piss her off!

This is the same sister...pissed and crazed! Hee hee. I might pee my pants on this one! Ten bucks says I'll be getting a call over this one! Bwaahhhaaaahaaa!

This is my brother-in-law Todd, the hunter. This is his "yes Dear" personality when my sister does get pissed!

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Soap Opera girl said...

LOL! That is too cute!!