Thursday, January 04, 2007

The First Time I Saw My Child by Mark Allan Reynolds

I subscribed to Adoptive Families magazine and finally received my first issue. I was excited to read it and look at all the pictures. I actually subscribed about 4 months ago and was thinking it was never going to come but was surprised when it finally showed up! Today I received an even better surprise. Mark had read it and was inspired to submit something he wrote. They wanted to know about the first time you saw your child. Even though we haven't received her referral, we've both had those feelings and dreams. Below is what Mark wrote...hope he doesn't mind me sharing. I love it and am quite proud.

The first time I saw my child I was with my wife, Lisa, shopping at Target. We were passing time in the Children’s Department, as we often did - and still do – when we came across the cutest ensemble, a dainty shirt and pants set that was simply adorable. As I lifted the hanger from the rack, it was then I saw Shayla Brianne Reynolds, the moment she became a reality to me. As I held that tiny outfit above the floor, making it "walk" beside us, I saw our little girl perfectly clear, as real as if our adoption had already ended and she was home from China.

I couldn't see her features, the length of her hair, nor the curves of her smile; no, I couldn't "see" anything beyond that adorable outfit - at least not with my eyes. But with my heart I could see everything about her: the sparkle in her eyes that lit up when she looked at Mommy & Daddy because THEY had eyes that sparkled when they looked at her; the huge smile that threatened to stretch right off her face because Daddy and Mommy were laughing and being so silly; the features of a content, happy, and above all else, loved child who knew more than anything she was wanted and needed.

At that moment, I saw our child. She is beautiful.

Mark Allan Reynolds

This is the first ever outfit we bought for her...Classic Pooh.


tonyap said...

This is so sweet. Mark is such a doll and I luv him to death. Reading this really touches my heart.

Karen said...

That is so sweet. I've seen her, too. She is precious and beautiful. I can't wait to hold and kiss her. My sister and her husband are going to be great parents!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! I am counting down the days with you! I can't wait to meet her & either can Lilee!


Soap Opera girl said...

awwwww Mark is a great writer and uncle I know being a daddy will complete him too. That outfit is so cute. As you know Mark inspires my writing! :) I love you guys!