Thursday, January 25, 2007

Referral stats

There was some research done by T. Murphy on one of my chat groups and she came up with this after reading the Rumor Queen's (RQ) blog. I thought it was really interesting.

RQ gave me the idea to look back at the referral stats for the past three years to see how many LID months were referred each year, to give us a better idea of how this slowdown affects all of us...

In 2004, the CCAA referred 15 months worth of dossiers. I believe 2003 was similar, although I do not have statistics for that entire year.

In 2005, the CCAA referred 9.5 months worth of dossiers.

In 2006, the CCAA referred only 4.75 months worth of dossiers.


tonyap said...

What does this mean for you. I was talking to a lady Sunday at Lil Darrels game that has adopted 1 from China, 2 from guatemala and 1 from argentina. She said that they got a letter letting them know that they were closing down the china adoption. She said the letter said if she didn't already have her referral that they would not be able to adopt. This doesn't affect you does it. I know shayla will be here soon!!!!

Shayla's Mom said...

They aren't actually shutting the China adoption program down, they are making it harder to adopt from there by recently adding new restrictions. They announced it about a month ago and it will affect anyone who will have an LID (log-in date) of 5/1/07 or later. Our LID was 11/21/05, so it won't affect us. They used to not be strict about education or # of children in the home. Now they will have a weight limit as well. They also allowed single people to's changed now. Below is what I copied from one agency that broke it down more clearly.

Marriage: The adopters shall be one male and one female with a stable marital relationship. Couples with no previous marriages must be married for at least 2 years. If either husband or wife have been divorced (not more than 2 times each) and are remarried, the current marriage must be for 5 years or more.

Age: The husband and wife must be between the age of 30 and 50 years old. For a special needs child, the parents should be between 30 and 55 years old.

Health: Both the husband and wife are healthy physically and mentally. The following conditions are not acceptable:

Mental handicap
An infectious disease which is in the infectious stage.
Blindness or low eyesight in both eyes.
Hearing loss or language function loss. If the parents are adopting a special needs child who has identical conditions of the parents they will be exempt from the limitation.
Functional or dysfunction of limbs or trunk caused by impairment or deformation.
Severe diseases which require long term treatment and which effect the longevity of the parents such as a malignant tumor, lupus, nephrosis, epilepsy.
Parent who has had major organ transplants sooner than 10 years.
Mental illness, including schizophrenia and mental retardation.
Medication for severe mental disorders like depression, mania, anxiety in which the medication has been terminated less than 2 years.
BMI which exceeds 40.

Family Income: The husband or wife must hold stable employment. The annual family income for each family member including the prospective child being adopted should be $10,000. The family net assets should be at least $80,000. Excluded from the annual income would be, welfare income, pension, unemployment insurance payments or government subsidy.

Education: The husband and wife must have graduated from high school or have an equivalent education.

Children at Home: The number of children under eighteen years of age does not reach 5 and the youngest child at home must be age 1 or older. Adoption of special needs children will be exempt from the limitation of number of children in the family under the age of eighteen years of age.

Criminal History: Both the husband and wife must be of good moral character and be law abiding. Both parents should not have a history of domestic violence, sex abuse, abandonment or abuse of children. Must not have a history of the use of narcotics, i.e. opium, morphine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetetamine or other drugs. Do not have a history of alcohol abuse and have given up drinking more than ten years ago. The couples application will be given consideration on a case by case basis when either the husband and wife has less than 3 criminal charges of minor severity with no severe outcome and the charges occurred over 10 years ago or has less than 5 traffic law violations with no severe outcomes.

Singles: It appears that no applications by singles will be accepted after May 1, 2007. The Agency will continue to submit dossiers for singles within the 8% constraints that agencies are currently working under until May 1, 2007.

tonyap said...

Boy, they really are strict when it comes to adopting. It is almost impossible to adopt but It is good that they are strict for the childs well being.