Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mmm...did she just say that?????

While watching Dora last night, the big red chicken was looking for a cake, only to find the cake on his head. My sweet, precious, innocent child laughed and then said..."silly old bitch"... Nevertheless, I was stunned...did I just hear that? Wait...what she say? I'm sure that's NOT what she I ask..."hmmm...what did you just say, Momma didn't catch that last part"? So she repeated it...yep, it sounded the same. Well shit. Yep, I type it, but it's not said around her...nor is "silly old bitch". I can cuss like a sailor at work, but not at home. I called Mark in there to see if he heard what I heard...yep. She said she learned it from "Adam" at daycare. Asshole Adam...yeah, typed but not said!

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