Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blogs I Read

I updated my blog list on the sidebar of this blog. I had so many favorites bookmarked on my computer that I thought I'd move them here so I can access them from any computer.

Over the years I've read various websites/blogs and sometimes, because they didn't relate to adoption, I didn't put them on here. I'm not great at writing things down, so this "adoption" blog was always good for me to have for Shayla...I know I can actually one day have it all put in book form for her and she can see what a dork her mom is/was. I would love to have another child and adoption again may be in our future (eventually...who knows), but I feel we are just a "normal" family now...and I feel like I can more comfortably blog about other things...and show my interests too. Anyway, there are a few blogs (not adoption related) that I visit that may interest you as well.

* Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - This site has awesome photo tips and some of the best recipes you'll ever find. Ree (Pioneer Woman), posts awesome photos of all the recipes as she makes them, so you're never left to figure out what a food item is "supposed" to look like.

*Life With Hannah and Lily - This website was started before Hannah passed away in a drowning accident, but their mom has kept it going (and is expecting another baby now).

*Pastor Ryan - I learned of this young guy from Ohio, from the Pioneer Woman's website. It just so happens that he's a good cook and an awesome photographer. He also happens to be a pastor and a young, tattooed dad of two.

*matt, liz and madeline - Matt started his blog a couple years ago, stopped writing on it, then when he and his wife, Liz (his high school sweetheart), were expecting their first child, he took to writing again. Unfortunately, Liz died from a pulmonary embolism 27 hours after the birth of their child...she never even got to hold Madeline. Matt has been an awesome dad and started a foundation in his wife's honor. Since I first found his blog over a year ago, he's been on many TV shows telling his story (Oprah and Rachel Ray are a couple).

*Sheye Rosemeyer-photographer - I found her by my own curiosity. Every season I get Life Images, which is a magazine-type book of photography. It has pictures that people have submitted, along with little stories or poems. One photographer's awesome pictures of a doll were once published and the story she wrote was about Ava Rosemeyer. The photographer said the doll in the photo represented Ava and she was an avid reader of Sheye Rosemeyer's blog. Once I looked up Sheye Rosemeyer, I found that she was a photographer in Australia and her daughter Ava had passed away at 3 years old.

I also love to look at photography websites. I'll be taking a photography course soon...and am already registered, so I love to look at all the photos posted on photography sites...I love to learn by observation.

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