Sunday, August 23, 2009

She cracks herself up!

She's so funny. Lately, she's been saying "no problem", "I'll take care of it" and "no worries". I don't know where she gets these things, but she sounds so funny saying them! She sounds so grown up when these things come out of her mouth! It cracks me up.

She's doing well in her new "school". This place is way different then where she was before. There are NO TV's at all and they have a curriculum that they have to follow. Also, the teachers must be certified to teach the age of children that they are teaching. It's different than an actual "daycare". She's adjusting well and has already made a couple of new friends. Shay's such a trooper...I couldn't be more proud.

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Carolin said...

that's great Lisa! Emma was in a BrightHorizons center and there is just no comparison to something like that. Sounds like you have her in a great place!