Thursday, August 06, 2009

Shayla's Daycare

I found out on Monday that Shayla's daycare is closing on August 14th. The owner, who's had the daycare for 43 years, is closing because she can't keep enough kids. In the last 2 weeks, she's lost 2 more because their parents were laid off and they no longer needed daycare. They are licensed for 20 and are down to 8, so she said she can't financially keep it going. I have Shayla enrolled in another place now. She's starts there on August 17. I left early Monday to go check it out (again) was actually my first choice when we first got back from China, but they had a 2 month waiting list and the other daycare had an immediate opening, so I went with it. The owner remembered us from before (she felt bad that we couldn't get in the first time) and waived the $35.00 enrollment fee. I thought that was super nice! I was just afraid they would have a big waiting list like they did before. They only had 3 openings (we took 1 of those) and there was another family from Shayla's daycare that was there early yesterday inquiring about it...glad I didn't wait or put it off a day!

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RedNeckGirl said...

Moving daycares/schools is always difficult. Drew started to "big boy" school thursday.....about broke my heart but he did really well. I'm sure Shayla will do great at the new place....she's such a sweetie!