Thursday, July 09, 2009

A few recent funny things...

About a week ago, Shayla woke up during the night with a dream. I thought she had a nightmare because she kept saying "fing in the kitchen" in my sleeping stupor, I thought she said the dream was about a "thing in the kitchen". I thought she was scared and I was trying to comfort her, which only pissed her off more...ends up she had a dream about a SWING in the kitchen and wanted to get out of bed to go see it. Dumb momma!

Birthday stuff is kinda confusing Shayla right now. I had a birthday with presents and cake, then we had a the birthday parties of Jenna (a cousin), Kay (my niece) and then Liana (a friend) Shayla doesn't understand why everyone is having birthday parties and she isn't. She keeps saying (and has since my b-day) that she wants a party and presents. Poor baby...I just can't get her to understand it's not her birthday yet.

This one below is in regards to the Fourth of July holiday and fireworks (scared her A LOT)!!!

"New" famous quote by my 2 1/2 year old on the Fourth of July..."you have to be scared to be happy". Hmmm...that's pretty deep.

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CindyCinlou said...

She is so super cute!