Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Walt Disney World Vacation, Part 1

Well, we finally got to Walt Disney World! We drove, since Mark is not fond of flying...and I must say, it was a LONG drive. Will definitely fly next time...he'll just have to be doped up! Here are some random pics...will add more over the next few posts as well. I took tons of pics.

This is our hotel was at the Walt Disney All Star Movie Resort. It was the Fantasia room. Next time, we'll go with a little nicer Disney resort I think too. This one was not bad, but I would like one big bed (Shayla rolled off the bed one night, but landed on the pillows that she pushed off along the way) and a refrigerator in the room would have been nice. It was really hard trying to keep milk cold for Shayla...and she HAS to have her milk daily or we will all pay the price.

Here are a few random "Shayla" pics.

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CindyCinlou said...

Look like a cute place! Yeah our drive to Florida was 15 and 1/2 hours. I would rather fly to Florida. Shayla is getting so big.