Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I've been a big fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but have seen a couple of things now about Jon Gosselin cheating on Kate with a elementary school teacher. I don't go around reading the Enquirer, but MSN had this info on their site this morning along with a picture and video. Okay, Kate, of course is totally OCD and neurotic, but it didn't start overnight...he had to have known this when he married her. AND not only did he marry her once, but twice! I hate to think that he's been sneaking out on his family...granted they're not the typical American family, however their show has always portrayed him as a family man. This kinda saddens me. I don't see a thing wrong with single parent households...and I believe one parent could do it on their own (I've seen this first hand), but I hate to see a family broken up over something like that. It makes me sad for their kids.


Natalie said...

How SAD!!! I feel sad for Kate to have to go through public humiliation like that and seeing her husband like that.... on TV!

I am bummed too!
Guess she needs lots of prayers right now!

CindyCinlou said...

I'm kind of shocked and I am hoping it's not true. They are such a cute family.