Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter pics

Coloring Easter eggs.

Coming down to check out what the Easter Bunny brought!

The Easter Bunny "may" have gone a little overboard with bringing stuff...but when the baby is in the store and won't stop playing with the display kitchen set, what's a bunny to do???

Check out the cool (we call it "motorcycle") that Aunt Karen & Uncle Todd got Shayla.

Shayla picked out this dress. I actually wasn't going to buy her an Easter dress this year, but she loved this one. Notice her princess shoes...they are way too big, but she loves to wear them around the house...and outside of the house, on occasion!

Chasing bubbles (clothes changed so she could run around).

I didn't get any shots of her hunting for eggs, since I was helping her, but I did get the aftermath! Stickers and candy galore!

This is my niece's nephew...he's a funny kid. He really liked hunting for eggs too.

Here are just a few pics from the day that I really liked.


CindyCinlou said...

I love the little kitchen. She is so adorable in that dress.

Anonymous said...

Granny said, you can tell by the sparkle in her beautiful little eyes when she is having so much fun. She loves to hunt easter eggs.GLAD TO SEE SHE IS TAKING UP COOKING FOR MAMA AND DADDY. Just adorable. Her princess shoes are so funny the way she prances around in them. That's Granny's baby.

Anonymous said...

Our daughter got the same kitchen playset this past Christmas - wasn't it fun to put together! :) She loves to make muffins for her daddy. What a great Easter Bunny!

Natalie said...

Shayla is just stunning in her Easter dress. What a doll!!
I love how the EB went out and got her the kitchen set!! Too cute.