Friday, March 27, 2009


"What's that?" or "What's that noise?" (We hear this one over and over...).

"You're the best ever" (then she'll hug my leg and kiss it).

"You happy?" (then she'll say "I'm happy" and show me the biggest grin).

"What's wrong?" (nothing is usually ever going on or wrong when she asks).

"I love you" or if she's talking to Mark, she'll sometimes say "I love you my daddy".

"NO way" (this one can be annoying when you're trying to get her ready for a bath, etc).

One day, in the car, she asked "momma, what's my name"...she meant her full name. I thought that was cute.

Two days ago, I was cooking dinner and spilled a little rice...a couple of pieces went in the floor. I picked up what I could find from the floor, but knew I had to have missed some. Right after that, Miss Shayla came in there and said "here", holding her hand out. Bless her little heart, I thought...she picked up a piece of rice she found on the floor. I WISH!!! She gave me a boogie! Nice.


CindyCinlou said...

awww lol she is so cute!

Natalie said...

I remember those times! LOL
Lucky us but they make good stories later!
She is such a cute little bug!