Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow storm

A couple of weeks ago Kentucky was hit with a massive amount of snow and ice. Many thousands of people were left with no electricity because of so many downed power lines. Due to the weight of the ice and snow on the trees, trees were cracking and breaking right and left. I was attempting to get Shayla to daycare and myself to work...just as I closed the car door on Shayla's side, the tree across from our driveway split into 3 parts and fell (blocking part of our driveway). I was able to get my awesome car (I love my car, can you tell) out, but then it was too bad to try to make it all the way downtown, so I headed back home. Here are a few pictures I took (before it got too bad). Yes, there was snow on top of all that ice when it all ended.
Here's the view from out my back door.

I love the way it looks and wish I had gotten a picture later in the day, when it was all completely white.

Here's my poor tree when the ice started.
Here's the table on my deck and cool, icy lamp.
Here's the view from my driveway.

Here's our next door neighbor's tree. Back in September, when we had the bad wind, from Hurricane Ike, his tree stayed very pretty and had no damage...this time he wasn't so lucky.


Natalie said...

Lisa, I followed your blog before you brought home your sweet little angel pie!! She is beautiful by the way! Congratulations. It's been a very long time since I've read your blog.
I'll stop by again. Beautiful pictures. I'm not in Calif or Florida but I'm glad I'm not where you are either. The pictures are awesome though. Looks very cold there.

CindyCinlou said...

Yeah four days without electric was annoying. I missed my computer alot lol.