Monday, February 09, 2009

New Years

Yeah, I'm WAY behind. Our New Year's was spent with Mark's side of the family. Playing pool, throwing darts and Nintendo Wii were the events of the night...not to mention eating! Shayla took to drumming again...she's our little drummer girl! Mark played all the games and I was caught on camera kicking a little booty on a Wii boxing game. I know, I's not the most attractive set of pics! Believe me when I say I kicked some butt and a heart attack felt like it was in my near future! Well, family friend Barbara was a great competitor and I was willing to pay her a buck to back down and give up so I could stop swinging. Ends up I did win (YAY), however her controller was set for left-handed (at least that's what they told me afterwards...wink wink). Oh well, I was sick that day, but had a good time anyway. Shayla, Mark and I all celebrated the New Year together. Here are a few pics from that night.

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