Sunday, November 02, 2008


It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the day after Shayla's second birthday party and I'm pissed. I just received a phone call from my credit card company. Someone in Michigan charged over $1245.00 on my credit card number at a crappy K-mart TODAY...and I have my credit card! I didn't believe the call at first, then called back and verified...yep, my credit card number was stolen. My credit card company caught it fast and I'm thankful for that! They have suspended the account and told me I won't be responsible for this charge. That part is good, but who knows what kind of information they may still have. What kind of goes along with it is that about an hour or so before the credit card company called, we received a phone call from a phone number on the caller ID as being 000-000-0000 and they asked for me. I HATE solicitors, so Mark told them I wasn't home...we both think this was maybe the people who used my card...verifying they had my correct address and phone #...just in case it needed to be verified at the store. Now, I'm just grumpy and pissed...way to muck up my beautiful Sunday!

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