Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from Shayla's birthday party. At the insistence of my baby girl, we had a Dora the Explorer cake, Dora plates, Dora napkins, Dora balloons and a Dora candle (not to mention Dora wrapping paper and gifts). Hmmm, can you see a theme here???? It was all about Dora!She got all kinds of cool clothes, a new coat and all kinds of cool toys!

We bought her a Dora Hut. It's not the most fancy thing, but she really likes it (as you can see) and Daisy (our youngest cat) thinks it's FANTASTIC!

She was also digging her new pink and purple inchworm! She doesn't weigh enough to really bounce on it and get it going.

She got a couple of Little People sets, her first ever Barbie, a CD player (for kids) and a gator golf game.

She got a few more gifts too, but really just too much to name. The kid has toys coming out the whazoo! Hey, I never thought, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, that I would ever type out "whazoo"...wonder if it's spelled right...oh well, who cares... Anyway, enjoy the pictures!


CindyCinlou said...

The cake was too cool and the tunnel thing is awesome.

Chrissie said...

Looks like a great birthday party.