Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shayla to English Dictionary

Here are a few of her words -

mee mink - blankie
oooch (with a long "O" sound) - ouch
pol - pillow
day days - Daisy (one of our cats)
mink - pink
gasses - glasses
schraw - straw
paci - pacifier
es - yes
k - okay
beebops - The Doodlebops
beeboos - breasts (which she has developed a strange facination over lately)
yellow, "like a duck" is sometimes added to it - yellow
buhsh - brush
Ho Ho - Santa Claus
gaaba - Yo Gabba Gabba
I wuv you too - I love you
boo boo - an injury...even if it's an old scratch, etc
Max - every cat she sees out somewhere, she calls Max (who happens to be the name of our oldest cat)
bebe - baby
mem mem - M & M's
belbo - elbow
valk - walk
hoppers - grasshoppers
Shayla - ShayShay (momma's nickname for her...I may have screwed up here by calling her that so often)...if you ask her to say "Shayla", she'll still say "ShayShay".

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