Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on Kathy

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...we were without electricity (due to Hurricane Ike) from Sunday morning until Tuesday afternoon...more to come on that later.

More importantly, here's an update on Kathy (Mark's sister)...she made it through surgery. She got out of surgery late last Friday evening and was put on a ventilator. I saw her Saturday afternoon and was not prepared for all the tubes, the ventilator, her appearance, etc. She was on morphine and wasn't really conscious. We weren't allowed to talk to her at that they didn't want her to try to respond at all. There really is no change with her condition...the doctors aren't really saying she's getting better...but everyone is just glad she's come this far. They now are okay with people talking to her though...I think she needs that...I think she needs to know everyone is still there for her...that's she's loved and she's not alone. She's one strong lady. Please remember to say a prayer for her.

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kris said...

Wow. This must be so hard, I can't even imagine. I remember seeing my mom on life support twice. There just isn't anything like it. I will definitely be praying for her.