Thursday, September 04, 2008

Her ears are pierced!

I debated a long time over this one, but finally decided to get Shayla's ears pierced. I've been asking her for a few months and she always says she wants earrings too. Luckily her pediatrician pierces ears for babies 1 year and over at their office. I decided that if I was gonna have it done, to have Dr. Joe do it. We went yesterday morning. He used the gun to do it and it took a total of less than 1 minute (that was with him dropping the second earring and having to have the nurse sterilize it again). She cried after the first one was done and right after the second one was done, so for about 1 full minute. When we were leaving the office, she was already done crying and happily playing with a sticker they gave her. I know it stings at first, as I had one of my piercings with the gun, but she was fine and still is. If you ask her about her earrings and if she likes them, she'll put her hand up to her ears and shake her head "yes"...and she likes to see them in the mirror. What a ham. Pictures later...still have to download them.

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