Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn Moon Festival 2008

This past weekend we went to the Autumn Moon Festival, through our FCC (Families with Children from China) group. The activities took place at Gallrein Farms. Shayla had the best time...as did Mark and I. We went on a hayride, got to pick out a pumpkin and ate good food. There was a petting zoo that had miniature donkeys, a miniature horse, one really cool llama, loudly griping sheep, silly little goats, many chickens and one little bunny. There was a cat there also and Shayla kept calling him "Max" (the name of one of our cats). We all kept feeding corn to the animals, but Shayla would only throw her pieces of corn in their stalls...she wouldn't let them take it from her hand. It's probably a good thing...that horse slobbered all over my hand when I fed him! When we were leaving that part to go to a different area, she took it upon herself to tell the animals "bye, bye". They had haystacks to climb on and hay to roll in (too itchy for me) and a pond with ducks. One cool thing they do is they have red balloons and they have pens and paper for the kids to write a little something to their birthmothers and attach those notes to the string on the balloon...then let it go. I asked Shayla if she wanted to kiss hers before she let it go and she did. She's such a sweet girl. We weren't in town last year for it, but I was told that last year, they were all let go at one time, while everyone was standing in a circle...this time, everyone just kinda released theirs when they were ready. Then they had a "parade" where the kids carried Chinese lanterns with them around the farm in a circle at dusk. We had a great time. My gosh, it was so much fun!

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CindyCinlou said...

wow that looks like it was a lot of fun!