Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sick of being sick

Sorry I haven't posted any pics in a while. I've been sick off and on since July 1st with strep throat...now who knows what the hell I've got! I've gone to the doctor now 4 times since July 3rd and I'm tired of being sick! I went the first time July 3rd...they did a strep test (when they swabbed my mouth, I pointed out to her she only got my tongue), that test came back negative for strep...said it was an upper respiratory infection/sinus infection. Then about 3 days after I finished the z-pak antibiotics, then my throat hurt again...went to the doctor and it was strep. Got Augmentin antibiotic...took 800 mg for 10 days (once a day), then about 3 days after that, I got a sore throat again. Went back to the doctor...tested positive yet once again for strep, the doctor gave me 875 mg of Augmentin for 10 days (2 times a day). I finished it last Monday...so of course Thursday afternoon while driving home from work, I started getting a sore throat AGAIN! I had read that if you don't go to the doctor and get medication, then it will build your immune system up...so Friday, I had a small sore throat, Saturday evening it was so bad that I could hardly swallow...by Sunday, I was crying off-and-on throughout the day. I couldn't swallow (not even my own saliva) ...I couldn't talk (it hurt to move my tongue)...the whole right side of my neck was swollen and hurt...not to mention my right ear was hurting like I had needles shooting into it. Early on Saturday, I tried gargling cayenne pepper and water (heard about it from someone at work)...didn't help, I heard drinking lemonade would help...it didn't, it just made me phlegmmy and I couldn't swallow to begin with...so that was a freaking nightmare. I gargled with warm salt water and that didn't really help either...although I kept it up in case it started to help some. I went to the extra hour (after hours) medical care on Sunday (since they have weekend hours) and found out that this time I tested negative for strep. They decided to do a throat culture to see if it's a different kind of bacterial infection. This time the doctor prescribed 500 mg (once a day) of Levaquin. The results of the throat culture will be back Wednesday. I know you should never Google illnesses, but I swear everything comes back to mono. I'm tired and physically my body and muscles feel tired. My muscles are not sore, but feel fatigued...like I've been carrying heavy items or something. Every time I get a moment of feeling better, then I get sick again. I'm tired of being sick. I'll try to get caught up on pics...I do have some really cute ones I need to download still.

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CindyCinlou said...

Dang Lisa I hope you get better soon. I know how hard it is fighting off an infection. If there is anything you guys need call me okay. I love you guys!!!