Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All About Shayla

Here are a few funny (and some not so funny) tidbits about our Shayla that you might enjoy.

1. Once, many many months ago, when I got Shay out of the bath, she pointed to her "boobies" and wanted to know what they were called. Well, I felt weird teaching her to say "breasts" and hearing that come out of her little mouth would sound weird to me, so I called them "boobies". Over the many months, she has gotten confused somewhere along the way and changed that to "beeboos"... Okay, beeboos work for me!

2. She has a love for iCarly (she mimics the movements of the actors on the opening song as it's playing...every time), Drake and Josh, Spongebob, The Backyardigans and her newest obsession (that is driving me absolutely nuts) is The Doodlebops. Recently, I've had to record The Doodlebop shows that come on Disney in the mornings and we HAVE to watch them over and over and over again! She calls them Booblebops (but not that clearly) and I think she has a crush on Moe (the orange one). She says "Moe", will point to him and blow kisses to him...I think it's an Orange Crush (hee hee...isn't that a soft drink?). Anyway, I'm totally tired of watching the same ones over and over and Mark couldn't find any of the DVDs in the store, so I think we'll need to order some online. Please God, let there be some online!

3. She makes us sit where she wants us to sit. I know, I know...she's ruling the house with this move, but sometimes I'd rather sit on the floor where she tells me to, than to hear her shriek or start whining most days. Hey, you learn to pick your battles.

4. In the mornings when we get ready to go to "school", she almost always wants to take something she can't...a toy, a blankie, anything that they won't allow to be brought in. I've become an awesome negotiator! When I signed up to be a parent, I had no idea that this was part of the deal. Thank goodness I'm good at it!

5. She loves to dance and sing. Granted, she has the same dance moves as her Dada, but I'm learning to overlook's just too darn cute. She likes to talk on play phones or cell phones that are turned off (although once she called 911 by accident...weren't we embarrassed when they called back to see if there was a problem)...she won't always talk to a live person on the phone though.

6. She has learned to say "NO"...and she says it with attitude too! Gotta say, I'm not digging this one at all. She will say, "no, no, no" (a longer drawn out "nooo") and shake her head like it's about to pop off! Oh, the attitude already... Whenever she says "yes", it is "es". She will occasionally say "please" and will always tell you "bless you" whether you sneeze, sniff or cough. I kinda think that niceness helps make up for some of the attitude.

7. She is still sleeping in her big-girl bed. It's been almost a month and has only been in our bed 3 times (walked over to us in the middle of the night). She still likes it and cries if we try to put her in bed with us.

8. She's a milk addict and, if we would let her have them more often, an M&M addict (she calls them "mem mems"). She has a fondness for Kit Kats and says "meow" when she eats them. She used to drink primarily water, but now she's really moved on to the hard stuff...whole milk. My baby has back! When she turns 2 (on Halloween), then we can go to 2%. We rarely ever give her chocolate (she gets NUTS) and she's never drank soda's (although earlier this week, she snuck a drink of my Diet Pepsi)...I was walking in the room when I saw the "incident"...but said she didn't like it, when I asked her.

9. She says "I love you too" when you tell her you love her. It's really cute and she started that on her own. When she "makes up" with us (if she's been tough to deal with that day), she will come over and hug our legs.

10. She holds up 1 finger and says "2" when she wants me to put two pig-tails in her hair. She can't quite get her fingers to do what she want them to do.

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CindyCinlou said...

The beeboosis so cute! The boys love all those shows too so I have seen them alot oh and the Doodlebops are on DVD at Meijer I think. Moe is my favorite too! I'm just super Aunt/babysitter but I totally get the negotiator thing. It's funny how No is learned so fast and used so often. AWWWW I love you too that is so sweet. I'm glad to learn more about my baby cousin. I love her very much and wish I saw more of her. :) She is so cute!