Saturday, June 14, 2008

My latest love

I've totally gotten "infatuated" with a new hobby... thanks to Kris & Pioneer Woman . I should say that I've never really been into hobbies...I like music, but what kind of hobby is that really...I like TV, but that just makes me a couch recently I discovered a REAL hobby. I'm excited about this hobby and it won't take me away from my family...which is why I really like it. I can include the whole family without guilt. For my birthday last week, my wonderful hubby bought me the best gift ever...a Nikon D80!!!!! I'm still learning and need a lot more practice, but I'm trying. I know they are nothing professional, but anyway, here are a few of my shots...SOOC (straight out of camera). These are the first Nikon photos I've ever put on here.


tonyap said...

Congrat on your new camera. You will be like me snapping pictures left and right. These pictures are wonderful. Love the flower ones. Hey, lets take a photography class together at your old high school. that would be too mucn fun and then we could really know how to use our cameras.

Soap Opera girl said...

You have a good eye for photography!