Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My cute girl

I had an appointment to take Shayla to Portrait Innovations to have her first picture taken. I got a gift certificate from the shower my work had for me and I had been looking forward to having nice pictures of her. I had already had to cancel once because it was the same day Mark broke his leg, so I have really had an appointment since early September. After I had canceled the one appointment, the next time they could even get us in was December 23. She was looking so cute in a sweet dress a lady at my work bought for her (thanks Roberta). Anyway, after almost an hour at the portrait place, they could never get any good shots at all...she cried the whole time and had her arms raised for me to pick her up. They tried moving us to a different room and having her sit on stool with me hidden from the shot...I was holding on to her waist, but nothing worked. The lady finally said she didn't think we would get any shots from her, so we had to leave. They didn't charge us for the time and I was sad that I didn't get any nice Christmas pictures of her. It just so happened that the next day, she started running a fever...guess that could have been what was causing many of the tears...she just wasn't feeling well. See pictures that I took before we left to have her picture taken.


Soap Opera girl said...

I have to say my cousin is soooooooo beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

She is too cute!!