Thursday, January 31, 2008

Finally an update

Oh, so much has happened that I don't know where to start. Well, we've have some tough times and some I've written of, but you gotta see all the drama to appreciate why I haven't had the time to blog...and why I should probably have therapy!
1. November 12th, which was exactly 2 weeks before I was to come back to work, Mark got hurt at work. He broke his leg and dislocated his ankle, so a week later he had surgery. He's been on the couch downstairs since that time. Just gets better.
2. Then on January 9th, Mark decided to go upstairs to shave so we could go to the FCC dinner on Wednesday (I was supposed to get off from work 1 1/2 hrs early because I had to work late on New Year's Eve)...anyway, as he was up there trying to sit on his butt to come down, his crutch got caught on the stairs and he fell headfirst from the top of the stairs. Luckily he didn't re-break his leg (it's in the boot now...the cast came off Dec. 26)...but he did end up with a concussion and a LARGE hematoma on his head. Later that night he started throwing up so we had to go to the emergency room. He's fine now, although he was dizzy for quite a while afterwards...I mean days...he was dizzy for DAYS! Now he has since started physical therapy and is making major progress.
3. Shayla was sick about a week and a half ago with the flu. She had a flu shot in November, but clearly it didn't work very well. The pediatrician gave a prescription of Tamaflu (as a preventative) to me and Mark, but Shayla is too young to take it, so we had to just give her Tylenol and cough medicine to help her deal with it. She was running a fever of 100.7 and did nothing but lay around on us and sleep most all days. Poor baby. She felt horrible and it was so sad to see her like that. Just as she was feeling better, last week
4. The middle of last week Shayla and I went to bed (yes, she still sleeps with me...that's another post I'll have to blog about). Anyway, she threw up, so I got her cleaned up and got both of our clothes changed. Then afterwards she was really whiney, so Mark checked and she didn't have a fever, but I thought since she was getting over the flu, maybe her head was hurting her or maybe she just ached, so I gave her some infant Tylenol. Then a bit later, she started pretty much just screaming. Tears and all, but more than just crying. At first Mark and I thought she just didn't want to go to bed, but that's not like her at all...she's not a fussy baby nor a baby that cries very often. She's really a very happy baby most days. She would stop crying/screaming, then she would start all over again...and eventually we noticed that she would straighten her legs out, then bring them up to her chest. After a couple of hrs of trying to soothe her, we finally concluded she must have been in pain so we took her to the emergency room. After she screamed there for 2 hours, they finally did an x-ray and decided she was having colon spasms...her colon was totally extended. The doctor talked as though she had been constipated for a while, but in fact, she had had a bowel movement earlier in the day, so we hadn't even considered that. We finally left the hospital and got home at 4:30am. The next day we had to give Shayla a didn't work. She started screaming in pain again, so we called the pediatrician and had to give her a second one...that one kinda worked. She's fine again now and is back to daycare (or "school" as we call it).
5. My grandma is really sick...she has congestive heart failure and hospice is involved now. The family was told to make arrangements last week and she's home (with my aunt) and they are making her "comfortable". She's tired and has had a good life...I know her time is near.
6. Now my mom is sick. She actually has been sick for about a month. She started out with bronchitis, but yesterday was admitted into the hospital for pneumonia. She's really sick and can't breathe very well. She actually had lung cancer years ago, so she now only has one this illness has been really hard on her. Keep your fingers crossed that she gets better and gets out of the hospital soon!


Amanda said...

HOLY MOLY! We will keep you ALL in our prayers! I know we are out of the way, but honestly if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask...or email or whatever you need!


Lindsay said...

What a stressful few weeks. Prayers to you and all your family, especially for your mom and grandma.

Soap Opera girl said...

You have been through it all huh I am glad Mark and Shayla are doing better. I am praying for your mom and Grandma. Call if you guys need any help anytime. I love you guys!!! :) Give Shayla a hug for me.