Sunday, November 25, 2007


Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm okay with that, but have a lot of guilt about leaving Shayla and Mark. I've been on a waiting list at one daycare for a month and a half and I found another one a few weeks ago, but they don't have any openings yet. The new one is much smaller and cheaper...and I know a person who works there, so I'm on a waiting list there too. In the meantime, my mom will watch Shayla. I think she's excited about it, because she went out and bought all kinds of stuff. I used to have a lot of anxiety about leaving Shayla with someone else, because I felt that only I should be changing diapers, rocking her to sleep and giving her bottles, but the day that Mark got hurt at work and my mom and sister took care of her, all of those anxieties left. It was never that I thought she wouldn't be taken care of, it was just that I wanted her to want she does and I feel that that bond is fully there now.

Mark still only has a splint and hopefully will be getting a cast this week. I'm using the laptop now and it doesn't have any home pictures on it. Mark's had some connection issues with the laptop which makes me keep rebooting my computer, so for the time being, the laptop is the easiest to use.


Soap Opera girl said...

Even though I am not a mom yet I think that is something all mom's go through with you guys it is even tougher. I know it must be really hard. I hope your first day back treats you good. Thing about you all! :)

tonyap said...

the first day back to work is usually pretty hard. I think the separation bothers us mommies more than it does the kids. It gets better. I think SHayla will do just fine. she is in good hands while she is with granny and then when she gets into daycare she will be fine. Shayla loves people and I think she will fit in just fine. I'll keep praying for you. tell mark if he needs anything I am here for him. hope you get that cast soon.

RoLo said...

Good luck with your first day back at work